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What is CrossFit?

We run a strength and conditioning programme that is accessible and scalable for everyone of all abilities. CrossFit uses constantly varied, functional movements in a workout scenario performed at high intensity. Above all though, it’s loads of fun.

High Intensity

As much as we might want to avoid it, it’s intensity that makes gains possible. Don’t worry, though – what intensity will look like for you is different than what it will look like for someone else. We start everyone at an appropriate level suited to them and then you progress from there.

Constantly Varied

One of the fun things about CrossFit is that it’s constantly changing. You’ll never do the same workout twice in a row, so you can kiss ‘monotony’ good-bye. We keep your body guessing, and keep you adapting.

Functional Movements

Everything you will do is meant to simulate the kinds of movements that everyday life requires. We do exercises that are natural, such as squat, lift, throw, pull, push. Back to basics and very effective.

In our CrossFit classes you will work in small, friendly groups where you will benefit from personal training. Every day there will be a different workout with different challenges to experience and learn from.
It’s for everyone: no matter what your ability or experience, it’s all scalable.
It is community driven: you will make friends, encourage each other and become our community.
Workouts are short: always within an hour to suit your busy lifestyle.
You will be coached: from start to finish we commit ourselves to you and every one of the athletes around you.

Whatever your goal is, to be better at your sport, to simply maintain your independence, or anywhere in between, our CrossFit classes will work for you.
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Our CrossFit Classes generally run like this…

Warm up
Skill/strength work
A talk through the workout of the day
Workout of the day
Warm down
Every workout is scalable to your individual ability and skill level.

After the class everyone is free to hang around, encourage each other and share experiences.



Gaz Firm

Owner and Head Coach Of CrossFit Featherstone

After leaving high school with my heart set on becoming a full time professional rugby league player. I enrolled on to part time college course in sports science to supplement my full time rugby league training with Wakefield wildcats who i had a professional contract with at the time. After moving to several other clubs over the space of 4 years including Huddersfield Giants and Hunslet Hawks I decided I had fallen out of love with the sport and looked to move on to new adventures. During this time I had gained my personal training qualification and started working at a big franchise gym. I then found a new sporting love in Mixed Martial Arts. After training for 5 years in martial arts I knocked up a unbeaten record of 9-0 and gained a scholarship with the Asian MMA gym, Tiger Muai Thai. Throughout this period I was using the functional methodology of training to keep an optimal level of strength and condition whilst also training others in the same way. I had trained 60+ clients before moving to Asia and built a large client base at Tiger Muay Thai over my 6 month stay. Focusing on sound body mechanics and education of good movement partnered with high intensity intervals. After dislocating my elbow with no hope of fighting MMA again I returned home disheartened but picked myself up and continued my path of personal training. It was at this point I knew I would own and run my own gym. After months of planning, perseverance and long days it has brought me to this point now with a busy Strong101 functional movement gym.


Gaz’s Qualifications

  • Premier training level 3 personal trainer
  • Premier training Sports Nutrition
  • Level 1 Crossfit Certificate
  • First Aid