Weightlifting101 runs 4 times a week, during these sessions we focus on both of the Olympic lifts the snatch and clean to jerk. We supplement these with other movements which will harness both the strength and the conditioning necessary to become a strong lifter. During each 90 minute class we will take you through mobility and flexibly specific to the movements you will be performing during the working part of the class. After this you will then be guided through muscle activation to prepare the body for the working part of the class. The working portion of the class normally consists of 2 movements which you will be moving large weight from floor to either shoulders or over head.

We have the facility and coaching to cater to everybody’s needs from serious competing athlete or just a average who enjoys keeping fit and health. By becoming part of the team it will build both friendships and accountability you are much more likely to go to the gym when you have already told your friend/team mate your meeting them there. All in all we have a fun friendly environment for all levels of lifters to better there selfs physically and mentally.

Luke Stopford

Olympic Lifting Coach & Personal Trainer

Luke is our latest addition to the STRONG101 team. Currently competing on a regular basis in the UK Olympic Lifting circuit, Luke is a valuable asset to the Strong101 gym. He also coaches Olympic Lifting to the CrossFit classes throughout the whole of Thursday.

Currently, he runs the Weightlifting101 classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 8pm-9.30pm, and Sunday 10am-11.30am. For membership info please visit here or contact 07538258825 or email Luke-chambers@live.co.uk.
Luke’s ¬†qualifications:

  • Advanced PT Level 3
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Kettlebell Instructor
  • UKSCA affiliated Strength & Conditioning coach
  • Specialises in Strength & Conditioning and Olympic lifts